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Orient-Express pens

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Veiled in mysticism and immortalized in stories; the travels, bags and portfolios. The Orient-Express evokes nostalgic images of entertainment and exclusivity.

In earlier times, before technology had society in its grasp, man had more time to appreciate the simple things in life. Travel was only reserved for the privileged. One’s status was for a big part defined by travelling in style.

The Orient-Express train was an exclusive meeting place for a clientele whose sole aim was to impress others. Distinguished clothing, excellent meals and magnificent accessories were the order of the day. Our exclusive Orient-Express series of luxury pen sets, bags and travel accessories brings back this former elegance yet adds the advantages of modern practicability. Presenting someone with an Orient-Express gift shows respect for those that have earned a better standard of living.

For more information about our Orient Express pens or one of our other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone: 0031(0)888441238 or e-mail: info@beglobal.nl.


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